GlPortal Specification

This is the specification for GlPortal. The purpose of this document is to describe the features for GlPortal.

Game Type and General Mechanics

GlPortal is a first-person action game with puzzle elements.

The player is equipped with a teleportation device that can place both ends of a teleporter. Portals can be placed on special surfaces on walls, floors and area climb if the player falls 12 he loses progress because he ends up .

Platforming is an important element. There are segments where the player has to climb up a tower. If the player falls down to a previous area he loses progress.

In order to keep the player emersed instead of allowing the player to save continiously there are specific checkpoints in the game where the player can save his progress. There are also certain points where the progress is saved automatically.

Checkpoints are supposed to be rare so that the fear of dying creates some real tension. And to help the player not fall into the practice of saving every few seconds.